How to download reports to file your taxes?

Simplifying Tax Filing for Traders: Your Comprehensive Guide

For traders, the responsibility of filing taxes looms regardless of whether profits have been reaped or losses incurred. A common misconception suggests that filing taxes becomes unnecessary when losses dominate. However, this notion is far from the truth. Equally, many traders defer their tax-related duties, often daunted by the perceived complexity of the task. In this enlightening guide, we demystify the tax-filing process by exploring the wealth of reports available on Console, Zerodha's trading platform, and how these reports can be harnessed to streamline your tax-filing journey.

Unlocking Tax Insights with Reports

One of the cornerstones of effective tax filing is a clear understanding of your financial activities in the trading world. The Tax Profit and Loss (P&L) statement on Console serves as an invaluable resource. This statement meticulously breaks down speculative equity entry trades, non-speculative FNO trades, capital gains from delivery trades, charges, taxes, and net gains and losses. Accessing your Tax P&L statement is straightforward—simply visit, navigate to the "Reports" section, select "Tax P&L," specify the financial year and desired period, and voila! You can then download your comprehensive tax P&L report across all segments.

The Power of Comprehensive Reports

Apart from the Tax P&L statement, Console offers several other reports to facilitate smooth tax filing. Contract notes provide a granular account of daily trades, including transaction details and incurred charges. These notes are accessible for up to a year at a time. To obtain your contract notes, visit, access the "Reports" section, select "Downloads," opt for "Contract Note," and customize the report as per your preferences. The report will be emailed to your registered ID, bearing password protection for added security.

Navigating Your Trading Journey

The "Trade Book" is another indispensable report, cataloging all trades executed within a specific segment over a defined timeframe. Access it by visiting, going to "Reports," selecting "Trade Book," and specifying the segment and date range. The report can be downloaded in various formats, including Excel and CSV, for comprehensive analysis and record-keeping.

Understanding Your Financial Landscape

For a comprehensive overview of your financial transactions and billing details with Zerodha, the "Fund Statement" is a go-to resource. To procure your fund statement, head to, navigate to "Funds," and choose "Fund Statement." Select the desired segment and date range, and the report will be readily available. Like other reports, you can download the fund statement in Excel or CSV format.

Mastering Taxation with Expert Guidance

Navigating the intricate world of tax filing may seem daunting, particularly for those embarking on this journey for the first time. Fear not, for we offer a comprehensive taxation module on Varsity, providing detailed insights and guidance tailored to traders and investors. Check out the link in the description below for a wealth of information and support as you embark on your tax-filing journey.
In conclusion, understanding and effectively utilizing Console's reports can transform the tax-filing process from a daunting task into a manageable and insightful endeavor. These reports empower traders to navigate their financial landscape with precision, ensuring compliance and financial well-being.